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The debate on security of the personal information of the Aadhaar and PAN card holders has been going for months now. From CEOs of Data Security Council to the speakers of Department of Telecom, everyone has come out with their piece on the issue. Recently, a new headline surfaced about the deadline being extended for interlinking of PAN and Aadhaar which fueled the debate even further.

Here is the compilation of the statements that panel members have made over the course of the debate.

  1. Rama Vedashree

Rama Vedashree is the CEO of Data Security Council of India who was quoted back in April saying that when something as transparent as Aadhaar ecosystem will profit, it will become easier to keep track of things and security of personal information and data will not be an issue like it is currently. People are not able to wrap their heads around this because the payment system not being deployed yet, as soon as that happens, things will surely get streamlined. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

  1. Rajat Moona

 Rajat Moona is the director of IIT Raipur. Back in 2015 when Aadhaar was just transformed from a concept to a known reality, Rajat Moona was the director of center for development of advanced computing. When asked about the whole issue, he said that it is important for the election commission to link something as unique as Aadhaar with Election Cards- this will not only prevent duplication, but it will also things more transparent.

  1. Nirmal Singh 3C Company

 He made statements on the Information Technology Act of 2000. He said that it is important to keep in mind all the five points that have been at the center of the debate. What should be the security structure and framework for all the digital payments? What are the standards of the service provider? Where will the data be collected? Will the data be safe on the servers of the service provider? And most importantly, will there be any penalty if the details are compromised for some reason?

  1. Ajay Bhushan Pandey

 CEO of UIA [Unique Identification Authority] stated that Aadhaar empowers people of the state and not the state. He added, ‘People forget that Aadhaar is not the data of the government, it is the information of the people and it actually empowers the holder. Digitization of personal information helps everyone. It might seem easier for the online hackers to invade the privacy of the card holders, but it is not that simple. People should start trusting the system.’


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