New Business Law To Woo More Industries To The State

The Tamil Nadu government is planning to introduce a business facilitation law that would bring all the industrial projects under an effective single-window mechanism and ensure a time- bound approval process. As a move, this would be the first time that the state has taken a decision to ensure that they are reestablishing themselves as a favorable destination as an industrial investment in the country.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that the Tamil Nadu Industrial Guidance and Export Promotion Bureau has already released the draft copy of the act that they are willing to get into force as soon as possible. The draft copies of the same are being circulated amongst various industries and now the government is waiting for the feedback on the same.

The act, currently being referred to as the Tamil Nadu Business Facilitation Act 2017 will ensure that the investors have the full, undisturbed information about the schemes that they are thinking of investing in and will have them take their decisions in a timelier and sorted out manner.  The objective behind the same is the state governments will to make Tamil Nadu the most preferred investment destination in the country and also safeguard the investors from falling into any traps pertaining to the fraudulent schemes circulating in the country.

The act will also enable a suitable mechanism to provide effective grievance redressal and penalty in case the authorities fail to act on time, said Nirmal Singh 3C Company.

Having gone through the draft that has been presented to the industries, the response received by the government are positive and that is a motivation for the government to go ahead with whatever they have planned for the state in the terms of investment sector, says Nirmal Singh 3C Company.

The act will bring all the agencies, be it pollution, land or building approvals under one portal and if everything is under a single window, it will only benefit the investors have better reach and also confidence in the schemes that they are willing to invest into as they are would be getting the assurity of the state government, says Nirmal Singh 3C Company.

It is believed that if the act is implemented properly then the state would be excelling in the IT sector, which already plays a very important role in the country.


IRCTC Hotels Case: Tejashwi Yadav, Rabri Devi Ask Time For Their Appearance Before CBI.

Former deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav on Tuesday has requested a time span of 15 days from the CBI to appear for the questioning in a case related to the alleged corruption regarding the allocation of the contract of the two running IRCTC hotels to a private firm back in the year 2006.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the contracts for the hotels were given in the year 2006 by Tejashwi when his father was the Union Railway Minister. The allegations made are that the then Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav handed over the maintenance of the two hotels that were initially run by the Indian railway catering and tourism corporation, a subsidiary of the Indian Railways.

Sources at Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that the handover was given to in Ranchi and Puri to Sujata Hotel, a company owned by Vinay and Vijay Kochhar in return for a plot of three acres in Patna through a benami company.

When the FIR was filed against the RJD leader, the allegations were that as a railway minister he misused his position to extend undue favors to Kochhar and in return got a high-value premium land in his name. The fraudulent act of indulging in the handover of the government project was done by issuing a tender which was awarded to Sujata Hotel, and that was not all, Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the ownership of Delight Marketing was also shifted from Sarla Gupta to Rabri Devi and then Tejashwi Yadav between the year 2010 and 2014. But by that time Lalu Prasad has resigned as the Railway minister.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the complaint was registered against the case Lalu Yadav and his wife Rabri Devi, and their son Tejashwi, who worked as the deputy CM until a few months ago and his wife Sarla Gupta. Other people who were accused in the FIR were Vijay Kochhar, Vinay Kochhar, the directors of Sujata Hotels and also the owner of Chanakya Hotel, Delight Marketing Company and then IRCTC managing director PK Goel.

Mediocrity Has Become The Core Of Legal Profession And It Won’t Be Tolerated- Says Supreme Court.

Somewhere down the road, Mediocrity has become a part of the legal profession and we cannot tolerate seeing that. To this the Delhi High Court took it upon themselves to deal with the petitioners who made a claim about them being disappointed by their advocates and their attitude towards work.- Nirmal Singh 3C Company.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the petitioners had challenged the order after their suit against the Advocates was dismissed. They said that the lawyers had misinformed them about the date of the hearing and hence they had to now approach the High Court through a new lawyer.

Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaaw said that Mediocrity will not be tolerated in the court and also emphasized on the fact that it is necessary for the lawyers to raise their level and focus on bringing back perfection and excellence in the legal profession.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that judge Endlaw said that mediocrity cannot and will not be tolerated in  the legal professional and if the advocates are having a laid back attitude towards it them it is time for them  to send strong signals that they are nowhere willing to accept such behavior in the courts.

He said that they would be keeping a check on the dates and the work attitude of the advocates, this will help improve the legal system and bring back the excellence in the stream, also helping them achieve their targets.

As for the petition, Justice Endlaw commented that since they blame the council for the mix up of the dates, they would request another council to trace them and make them appear for the hearing on the next day.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that frowned at the same he said that such laws prevailed with the Privy Council and other such Courts that were established in the British India as they would not give any weight age or importance to the Indian Lawyers. But now the activity does not make any sense and no excuses for the same would be accepted by the Court if this kind of discrepancy continues any further.

Cops transferred from Ghaziabad Police Station for inaction in murder of a teen.

Family of the victim alleged that the police officials at Modi Nagar set free the men named in the FIR. Around 130 cops have been transferred after their inaction on the case of the murder of a girl in Ghaziabad. The cops were sent to police lines after a major crackdown by the top officials after they found the dismembered body of a 15 year old school girl, one day after they found her severed head.

According to the sources at Nirmal Singh 3C Company the girl was kidnapped by several men when she was on her way to the school on September 4. The family of the girl accused the police men of letting go of the men involved in the kidnapping and the killing of their daughter but afterwards when the same men were caught hold of they showed the location of the dead body.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that after being held in the custody the accused told the police that they had murdered the girl and then threw her body in the fields near Kalcheena in Modi Nagar.

In order to maintain the law and order in the area, the superintendent of Police Ghaziabad has asked everyone to not let go of the matter and take serious steps to ensure that the people are secure and do not have to suffer due to the negligence from the officials. The police officers at Modi Nagar will be replaced by the officers at Police Lines.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that the people that would be facing the action due to their negligence leading to the ghastly crime include constables, women constables, senior sub inspector and constables. The local residents and various institutions have grown outrageous after the crime in the area and have been staging protests in front of the police station.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that the parents who were left terrified after the incident have requested a CBI probe into the incident. They said that they had told the name of the suspects in the FIR but still no action was taken and the same suspects turned out to be the accused after the body was found. Had the policemen taken the FIR seriously and tried to find the kidnappers before the girl would have been alive.

The head of the girl was found on September 4 and just one day after that they found the dismembered and decomposed body of the girl. The parents demanded action against the policemen who will now be transferred from Modi Nagar.


SC Orders Family Background Check For The Minors Rescued From The Brothels.

The apex court has looked into the report from Maharashtra’s Home Secretary who has been directed to examine the matter personally and also file an affidavit indicating their stand on the issue of the cross border human trafficking.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that after rescuing many children from forced prostitute and handling them back to their parents the Supreme Court passed an order to inquire about the family backgrounds of the 18 minor girls that were rescued from the brothels in Maharashtra’s Nandurbar. The Apex court sought a report from Maharashtra’s Home Secretary who had been directed by the Court to look deeply into the matter and then file an affidavit indicating the stand of the state regarding the matter of cross border human trafficking and the safety of the girls rescued from the Brothels.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that after handling the girls back to their parents and during the hearing headed by Justice J Chelameswar, they observed that it was necessary for them to do a background check of all the parents and guardians who received the custody of the girls rescued from the brothels in January this year.

The court ordered the Maharashtra police and the child welfare Committee to ascertain that all those 18 girls are brought before the Principal District and the Sessions Judge, Aurangabad, on October 3 at 2 pm.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that the reason being the court wanting to be sure about the families of the girls that were rescued from the brothels. The Court said that they understand the girls have already gone through mental tortures and this time if they deserve something, it is the love of their family and any carelessness here could result in a lifelong trauma for all those girls.

In the hearing with the Principal District and Sessions Judge, Aurangabad, the minor girls would be asked directly about their family particulars, their place of residence and if they are now residing with their family or not, and then submit the report to the court on or before October 23 as directed by the bench.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that the order for the same was issued after advocate Balaji Srinivasan who was appearing for NGO Rescue Foundation had questioned the haste and the recklessness in handling back 9 out of 18 minor girls to their so called guardians. After the doubt about the parents of the minor girls it became important for the court to assure that the girls are fine and in the right company.


“I feel deeply for the people caught up in the Rakhine state conflict,” says Myanmar leader Anug San Suu Kyi.

Amidst all the chaos going around the border and the discussion of the refugees of the Rohingyas and their declaration as illegal immigrants, Aung San Suu Kyi has finally spoken out for the people being displaced at the boundaries and how deeply she feels for all the people caught up in the conflict through the Rakhine state- Nirmal Singh 3C Company. She is the first person to comment on the crisis of the Muslims being displaced by violence.

Myanmar leader Anug San Suu Kyi spoke to the global community over the issue of the Rohingyas and also made a broad appeal to support the refugees as against the accusations of UN, claiming them for indulging in inhuman activity in the name of “ethnic cleansing.”

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the leader urged the outsiders to help the nation unite across religious and ethnic lines and also asked them to offer a pathway back for the Muslim Rohingyas that had to flee due to the army operations. Once the communal violence hit through the Rakhine state on August 25, it does not seem to stop.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the violence has left hundreds of people dead and has forced more than 4,10,000 of the Rohingya minority to leave Myanmar and move  to Bangladesh.

Nobel laureate, Suu Kyi has been condemned for her failure to speak publicly for the stateless Rohingyas and her urges for the restraint from the military, says Nirmal Singh 3C Company. But in a speech made by her for a television channel, she said that deployment is not fair and makes her question the global rights community. She said that hate and fear are currently the two main factors for survival in the world and she would want none, not for her and not for her country. She said that such negative connotations that arise due to cultural and religious differences and harmful and she does not want the people of her country to be divided because of that.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that expressing her sorrows for all the groups that have been displaced by violence, Suu Kyi said that her country has stood by in the time of needs and they will continue to do that. She also said that her country is ready to take back the refugees any time, but after a proper verification process.


In Less Than Four Years, India’s Exports To Japan Have Halved – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

Prime Minister’s trip to Japan has been in the news for the past two weeks and has created a positive stir in the country. But two of the leading economies of Asia are struggling with a heavy export deficit. In just four years, the exports from India to Japan have halved – from 6.81 billion in 2013 to just 3.85 in 2017.

Prime Minister welcomed the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe in Ahmedabad who is on a two-day trip to India. He aims to cement the relationship between the two countries. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

Japan signed The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement [CEPA] in 2011. Implemented in August of 2011, CEPA was expected to boost the bilateral trade between the countries. But in 2012, India’s exports started to contract and kept on contracting for the next four years. Due to this deficit, the trade of goods and services between both countries has suffered heavily. Currently, the deficit has widened to more than 17% when the imports fell by just 1%.

An analysis conducted by the commerce ministry of the country between 2009 and 2014 has indicated that the preferential imports under The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement still hold a small proportion of the total imports from Japan. During the commercial year of 2013-14, imports stood at 22.4% under CEPA between India and Japan. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

The Indian embassy in Tokyo mentioned on its website that the negative growth in the trade of goods and services with Japan should be taken into consideration as it is a matter of concern. When there is a tremendous potential for growth, both countries are somehow struggling to maintain a steady growth graph.

With Japan’s prime minister currently in India, it will be interesting to see what changes in the prior agreements are made and how they affect the trade between the countries. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company