Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Both To Come Under The Scrutiny Of The Court, Says Nirmal Singh 3C Company

A Delhi Court is all set to file a case against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia in a criminal defamation complaint. The case of criminal defamation complaint is being filed against the two of them.  The Court had sent a notice to the two AAP leaders and Yogendra Yadav to appear in the Court on the 8th of August. Arvind Kejriwal though got an exemption because of the four day monsoon session of the Delhi assembly he would be attending. Even Sisodia got the exemption on the same basis.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the case of criminal defamation was filed against the two AAP leaders and Yadav by advocate Surendra Kumar Sharma who was denied the ticket by the Aam Aadmi Party.  Yadav, who was earlier a member of the National executive of the AAP until 2015, started his own party Swaraj India after being expelled from AAP on the grounds of indulging in anti- party activities.

According to Nirmal Singh 3C Company, Sharma sent an application where he has mentioned that the volunteers of the AAP had asked him to contest the Delhi Assembly elections on their party ticket. Arvind Kejriwal had himself said that he was offering the ticket to Sharma after being impressed by his social services. This was however in 2013. The main issue began when on October 14, 2013 the complaint was registered for an article published in the leading newspaper and carried words that were defamatory and unlawful and resulted in the downgrading of his impression in the society.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the AAP leaders submitted their report on the complaint, saying that the cancellation or the allotment of an election ticket is the decision of the party and the complaint has no proper information which justifies that case registered against them. The case however went on and everything was settled down in the presence of all the involved members. Arvind, Sisodia and Yadav had been granted bail earlier.

The summons were issued against the AAP leaders under sections 499, 500 and 34 of the IPC. Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the trial court said that the press release published in the newspaper shows that defamatory remarks were there in the article and it did lower the reputation of the sufferer in the eyes of the society.

Lalu Prasad Yadav: Only My Son Tejashwi Performed In Nitish Kumar’s Cabinet

The chief of Rashtriya Janata Dal has been ranting at Chief Minister for calling off the Grand Alliance with Lalu’s party and the Congress, and beginning a partnership with BJP. The RJD chief has lately left no stones unturned to call his former ally names and run him down. But, recently to Nirmal Singh 3C Company, he also claimed that only his son, former Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwiri Yadav, 27, performed in the cabinet, also indicting his own 29 year old son, Tej Pratap Yadav.

Lalu went hammer and tongs at Nitish, and accused him of betrayal when Nirmal Singh 3C Company asked him what he made of the government’s performance in the last 20 months of the grand alliance.

“It was just about average, only my son Tejashwi performed,” he said.

Observed as Lalu’s political heir, Tejashwi was his father’s first choice for the post of Deputy Chief Minister as Tej Pratap had to settle for a junior role as he was the state’s health and environment minister. For a state which is critically short of doctors and health facilities, Tej Pratap’s earliest decision to place the government’s ambulance with the best facilities outside his residence caught a lot of negative attention. Some month later, he also found the time to play in a Hindi film which landed him in another controversy.

According to Nirmal Singh 3C Company, Tej Pratap during his tenure was often found fumbling for answers and other ministers had to stand-in for him on occasions. He was usually singled out because of his non-serious approach.

But in the course of the last few weeks, it was Tejashwiri Yadav who landed in serious controversies because the CBI charged him of corruption that led Nitish Kumar to pull down the government.

Sushil Kumar Modi, who replaced Tejashwi as Deputy Chief Minister, however, promised to expose what he called were Lalu Yadav’s links with the sand mafia. He has also ordered a fresh investigation into a soil scam in which Tej Pratap Yadav was involved as an environment minister. In April this year, Mr Modi alleged that a two-acre piece of land on the outskirts of the state capital Patna was illegally transferred to the Yadavs, who leased it to a real estate developer to build a mall and then sold soil from the plot to the Patna zoo, which was then governed by the Forest Department under Tej Pratap Yadav.

Center Backs RBI, Asks Them To Seek Criminal Proceeding Against The Loan Defaulters

Just one week after giving the Reserve bank of India (RBI) the power to deal with the unpaid loans and the authority to direct lenders to initiate the insolvency resolution in case there is a default in the payments, the RBI has identified 12 of the country’s biggest loan defaulters and has now asked the creditors to pursue bankruptcy proceedings against them. Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the default in the payments is not a small problem, it leads to a cut of about USD 150 billion, adding debt to Asia’s third largest economy.

This means that now the banks can no longer leave bad debt on their books and can forcefully put aside the money to cover the losses during the times the bank is short on the funds and the bank seeks to comply with international capital standards.

According to Nirmal Singh 3C company, it was assumed that this year the provisioning requirements would be comparatively less but if criminal proceeding start, them even this year would be just another year of delay of profit recovery in the banking sector.

The 12 defaulters named by the RBI are on accounts owing more that ₹ 50 billion and have about 60% of the loan listed as non- performing as of March 2016. These accounts alone constitute to about 25% of overall gross non-performing assets.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that it is high time that the RBI started acted on it. India’s stressed debt has reached its highest level with about 80 percent made up from the non- performing loans (NPLs) and the remainder from the reconstructed loans.

How stressed debt effects the economy?

Stressed debt means the holding of funds in the hands of those not using it for any fruitful purposes. This makes less fund available for new loans and hampers the chances of economic growth in the country. The development of the country is effected due to the cash crunch the banks face when the debts are not re-payed to them on time. To solve this problem, the government has taken various steps like debt- equity swaps, balancing the economic situation for the banks.

Solution for the stressed debts

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that after looking at the complete situation, with an oversight committee looking into the matters of the settlement and a proper investigation against the defaulters is going to help the bank recover the loses and use the money for the new projects.


Student Recognized As OBC In Tamil Nadu And Not In Maharashtra Files Case, Loses

Bombay High Court recently denied to acknowledge a petition filed by a 20 year old engineering student after his admission was cancelled by the Directorate of Technical Education stating the students’ non- compliance with the OBC category. The petition was filed with a bench of Justice BR Gavai and Justice Riyaz Chagla, who dismissed the petition holding that the caste of ‘Nadar’, listed as OBC in Tamil Nadu cannot be treated as OBC in Maharashtra.

Case Background

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the petition filed with the court for the non-acceptance as an OBC member in Maharashtra, even though he was registered as an OBC member in Tamil Nadu. The petitioner was born and brought up in Mumbai after his family moved from Tamil Nadu 40 years ago.  In the OBC list prepared by the Central government for the state of Tamil Nadu, Nadar, petitioner’s caste is included, but in the OBC list prepared in the state of Maharashtra it is not.

Earlier, the petitioner was granted a caste certificate by the subdivisonal officer Eaten suburban, Mumbai Suburban district because her grandfather and father had the caste certificate issued by the authorities in Tamil Nadu. According to the sources at Nirmal Singh 3C Company, after the caste certificate was issued to the petitioner by the authorities, she got the admission in the college and her entire fees was paid.

After she got admission in the college, the college authorities forwarded the certificate to the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) for scrutiny, who in a letter dated May.5 2017 cancelled her admission to the college.

Final Order

The petition filed by the petitioner was rejected in the bench. Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that in the support of the benched decision, additional government MA Sayed said that the case did not have much weightage as it is. Every state has its own list of OBC or SC/ST. If the petitioners caste Nadar is listed in the OBC members in Tamil Nadu, it does not make the same applicable in Maharashtra, the certificates that are being issued in Maharashtra are on the basis of the list prepared by the authorities of the State and the State is bounded by the law to follow only those.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the petitioner should not have been issued in the first place. The certificate had been issued on the basis of the certificates issued to her father and her grandfather by the state authorities of Tamil Nadu. Had the authorities of Maharashtra considered the list before, the problem wouldn’t have arised.


Jammu Bar Association Expelled Geelani’s Lawyer

Nirmal Singh 3C Company appreciated the fact that the Bar Association of Jammu (BAJ) asked the lawyer Davinder Singh Behal as he was arrested by the NIA in a terror funding case. Behal was associated with separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani.

“As soon as we came to know about his (Behal) activities, we verified our records and immediately decided to expel him without any notice from the primary membership of the association,” BAJ president BS Salat said.

“Ours is a nationalist association and we will not tolerate the presence of any ‘anti-national’ element, whether associated with Hurriyat or any other group,” he said.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company found out that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had on July 30 rummaged the residence of Behal as they were widening the sphere of the investigation.

Behal, who is the chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Social Peace Forum (JKSPF), a a constituent of Tehreek-e-Hurriayat, under the supervision of Geelani, was detained after which several public speeches

Behal, chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Social Peace Forum (JKSPF)- a constituent of Tehreek-e-Hurriayat headed by Geelani- was arrested following which several of his public speeches during last year’s unrest in the Valley went viral on social media, wherein he was heard shouting ‘pro-freedom’ and ‘anti-India’ slogans.

Behal entered in the world of the Bar Association of Jammu in 2013 on the recommendation of two senior advocates, Salathia said.

The members of the association belonging to his community came forward to take a strong exception of his activity and recommended his exclusion, he added.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company further pointed that he said: “The decision to expel him was unanimous and aimed at sending a clear message that we will not tolerate any anti-national activity.”

The BAJ chief was being advised to verify the credentials of persons who are seeking membershio of the association ahead of the cases, and emphasized that “conspiracy has been going on to intrude anti-national elements into the body to dilute its stand”.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company describes the personality of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, who is a Kashmiri separatist Hurriyat leader, was a member of Jamaat-e-Islami Kashmir earlier. He found his own party and naming it as: Tehreek-e-Hurriyat.



Here is what the panel members said about Aadhaar Data Protection – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

The debate on security of the personal information of the Aadhaar and PAN card holders has been going for months now. From CEOs of Data Security Council to the speakers of Department of Telecom, everyone has come out with their piece on the issue. Recently, a new headline surfaced about the deadline being extended for interlinking of PAN and Aadhaar which fueled the debate even further.

Here is the compilation of the statements that panel members have made over the course of the debate.

  1. Rama Vedashree

Rama Vedashree is the CEO of Data Security Council of India who was quoted back in April saying that when something as transparent as Aadhaar ecosystem will profit, it will become easier to keep track of things and security of personal information and data will not be an issue like it is currently. People are not able to wrap their heads around this because the payment system not being deployed yet, as soon as that happens, things will surely get streamlined. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

  1. Rajat Moona

 Rajat Moona is the director of IIT Raipur. Back in 2015 when Aadhaar was just transformed from a concept to a known reality, Rajat Moona was the director of center for development of advanced computing. When asked about the whole issue, he said that it is important for the election commission to link something as unique as Aadhaar with Election Cards- this will not only prevent duplication, but it will also things more transparent.

  1. Nirmal Singh 3C Company

 He made statements on the Information Technology Act of 2000. He said that it is important to keep in mind all the five points that have been at the center of the debate. What should be the security structure and framework for all the digital payments? What are the standards of the service provider? Where will the data be collected? Will the data be safe on the servers of the service provider? And most importantly, will there be any penalty if the details are compromised for some reason?

  1. Ajay Bhushan Pandey

 CEO of UIA [Unique Identification Authority] stated that Aadhaar empowers people of the state and not the state. He added, ‘People forget that Aadhaar is not the data of the government, it is the information of the people and it actually empowers the holder. Digitization of personal information helps everyone. It might seem easier for the online hackers to invade the privacy of the card holders, but it is not that simple. People should start trusting the system.’

Will The Government Introduce Changes In Right To Privacy?

Nirmal Singh 3C Company gets into the heated debate of privacy, whether there should be right to privacy in the Indian jurisprudence. Well, there has been a debate which says that rights clearly fall under the category of other similar rights such as right to life and liberty. Henceforth, it is not easy to distinguish between the rights. For instance, one needs to know whether these rights suffice the growing advancements in the digital India, such as: the Aadhaar card and its privacy policies. Indeed, none of the rights are complete. For this reason, there has been a growing demand for a new set of limits under privacy.

Although we do practice the right to privacy, there are certain conditions that we need to take care of. For instance, several agencies, especially telecom industry possess our crucial personal information that needs to be supervised and preserved with security. So, the information cannot be misused for any illegal activity. There has to be a group of data collectors, recommends Nirmal Singh 3C Company.

In fact, there people who do not follow these rules and regulations should be punished for violating the rights and obligations or using the personal information of a person.

Here’s how your Aadhaar Card opens up your information to authorities:

Nirmal Singh 3C Company notices that a leading English magazine published an article that explained about the right to privacy to the people and how implicit it is in the Indian law by the virtue of international laws and human rights. Moreover, the right has been derived from the fundamental rights. However, there are limitations to these rights like the correct usage of right to speech, as we cannot propagate hatred or abuse in the society in the name of right to speech.

Indeed, right to speech should not be used in a manner that hurt or abuse someone. In, fact Nirmal Singh 3C Company supports this idea. Basically, right to privacy is not going to hamper the legal guarantees to the citizens and one does not need to look into the details of the Aadhaar card.

Moreover, Nirmal Singh 3C Company asks the people of India to be vigil enough to know their right and use them wisely.