PF Rule Change May Hurt The Expats Returning To Work In The Country, Nirmal Singh 3C Company

Schemes that come under the employees’ PF Act are now not applicable to employees who have a salary above a certain limit which is specified by the government. Currently that limit is set at Rs 15000 per month. The employees that come under this category are known as excluded employees – they do not get any benefits from the act.

On October 1, 2008, the government of India extended this scheme to people who live abroad and are working professionals there. Employees who earn over a certain limit are also not part of the scheme – they are referred to as ‘international workers’. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

After considering the hardships that Indian workers living abroad face, Indian government has brought in some reforms in the scheme and has entered in social security agreements with other countries.

The SSA is based on the following principles that the government has decided on after considering the issues of the international workers.

  1. Detachment – this will enable the international worker to avoid the double security deposits.
  2. Totalisation – clubbing of the services provided in other countries to be eligible for pension in India.
  3. Exportability – to import the benefits that people working abroad earn.
  4. To treat the national of both countries equally

In order to avoid the dual payments that Indian citizens had to give in foreign countries and to make sure that they are treated equally, all these steps have been taken. The Indian government has been working for the employees so that they get exempted from the social security contribution, regardless of the country they are living in. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company With these changes in the Act, international workers will not struggle abroad.


Disagreement Between Nitish Kumar And Sharad Might Lead To Party Split

The Janata Dal (U) held a parallel meeting for the rival camps, lead by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the Rajya Sabha leader Sharad Yadav in Patna. According to the sources at Nirmal Singh 3C Company there were indications that the meeting led by Nitish Kumar was held with the objective of taking tough actions against Yadav. The leaders from both the meeting however dismissed the reports on the split or the different party meetings with the agenda of thrashing the other.

There were contradictory statements passed by the party members. Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that while JD(U) general secretary said that the meeting held at the Chief Ministers residence was just part of the party’s official programme, Bihar chief spokesperson said that they had nothing to do with the Jan Adalat Programme.

JD(U) secretary and spokesperson Tyagi said that the meeting was called to inform the part members about the circumstances effecting their relationship with the RJD and their alliance with BJP. Arun Srivastava said that no JD(U) national executive had not been constituted and therefore the meeting would not valid and shall be declared null and void.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that with 90 percent MPs, MLAs and office bearers of the party in Bihar supporting Nitish Kumar, the mere 10 percent repelling him cannot call for the splitting of the party. The meeting was called at a very short notice, hence it is not possible that the ones expressing their willingness for the split would be present in full attendance, also it is not possible for the party to take such a huge step in such haste.

Tyagi also said the party units in those states are not elected, and are not even functional. Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that according to some internal sources, in case the situation gets bitter and they have to call for a split in the party then they will approach the Election Commission on the party’s name.

Anwar Ansari said that earlier there was going to be one single meeting where he and Sharad Yadav would give their opinion on dumping the alliance and joining hands with BJP but since Nitish did not approve of it he suspended them. Hence they to call for two different meetings.

Government makes mining laws stricter, heavy penalty for companies disobeying the law

Mining laws have been made stricter by Government. That means, if you have a land to lease, then no extraction be conducted without forest and environment clearance will be an illegal activity.  Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the Supreme Court imposing a penalty of about ₹25,000 crore on illegal mining activities shows that the government is now keen on taking serious measures to protect our environment. There are two main benefits of the law, first is that it will protect our environment from the toxic gases and clean the poisonous air from the cities more effectively without the involvement of any ill-conceived steps by them.

Second, the penalty extracted from the illegal activities will be allocated for the welfare of the tribal people in the affected areas. This will help the government strategize the development of the poor well as help them utilize the money extracted in the form of penalties, just like it was done in the case of demonetization or the GST.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that after the court case, Piyush Goyal took the charge of the green affairs and marked it very clearly that the government would not be lenient in the matters of the environmental care and the companies violating the law will be facing serious charges for the same.

Earlier mining was deemed illegal only if the extraction was done without having a mining lease. But now the laws have changed. Nirmal Singh 3C Company mentions that now, even if the company has a mining lease, that does not allow him to simply indulge in any sort of activities, if they want to carry forward with it then they need to get the approval from the ministry of mining and the environment. Once the clearance is given by them, the company can carry on with their mining activities.

The companies earlier would exploit the environment by indulging in unfair practices but since they had the mining lease they were under the eyes of the law. But now, if any activity contributes towards the degrading of the environment or making the air unbreathable would face a penalty of ₹50,000.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that since the government has made their intentions of utilizing the funds for the development of the tribal areas, to ensure that it is done, they have asked the state’s chief secretary to file an affidavit stating all the work done and also the audited accounts of the activities carried on over there.

Sacked AAP Minister Kapil Mishra Attacks Arvind Kejriwal With Anti-Corruption Charges

Nirmal Singh 3C Company ponders why political figures are always busy yet there is no work done. The roads are not fixed, there is water logging in monsoons, traffic is everywhere. So flaws to mention but they have time to take each other’s cases.

Kapil Mishra, the sacked Delhi water minister, who was in the news lately has put the banners on different flyovers across the Delhi, proclaiming that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is “corrupt”. He also wants people to join him in this action against the AAP leader.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company reads out the banner, which says: “Hundred days of surgical strike against Kejriwal’s corruption. Now it’s clear that Kejriwal is corrupt.” It further has “India Against Corruption” written on it with other details like contact them — “To join give miss call on 7863037300.”

“We have completed 100 days of surgical strike against corrupt Kejriwal. Today, ‘India Against Corruption’ is doing a banner campaign across the city,” Mishra said on Wednesday.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company noted that the former water minister has put these banners across the flyovers in Azadpur, ITO, Wazirabad, Peeragarhi and Dwarka. Mishra shared his thoughts on Twitter, posted pictures of the banner which shows the corruption and poor performance in the party, although he himself was sacked by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on account poor performance on May 6.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company finds that the minister has made serious allegations against the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and another minister Satyendra Jain. Mishra was suspended from the party on May 8, for he was using derogatory language against Kejriwal and Jain.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company would like to mention the other loopholes of the AAP, as there have been several instances when the party was questioned for its poor performance. To start with, the party has not delivered upto its level. It had given high hopes to the people before elections but has not fulfilled a single promise, be it the waster issue, cleanliness, roads, electricity etc. Above all the party has not yet proved that it is corruption free, also the soaring prices are yet not being managed by the party.

Nitish Kumar Announces New Policies For Backward Classes In Bihar, Nirmal Singh 3C Company

On the 70th Independence Day, CM Nitish Kumar announced that people who belong to extremely backward and backward class, scheduled tribe, and scheduled caste will get the chance of working on contracts for the governments and government departments. The limit for this kind of work before was just Rs 15 Lakh – now it is Rs 50 Lakh.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar announced on Tuesday that new developments and schemes for women, minorities and youth of the state will come in. The step has been taken to improve the social and economic development of Bihar. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

In his speech on 15th August, he also made it clear that there will be no compromise on ‘rule of law’. He said that people who will try embezzling the funds for these schemes will be punished and will not be spared under any circumstance. He also announced that people who belong to scheduled tribes, backward classes, etc will get contract work from the government and that they do not have to worry about the limit of just Rs 15 Lakh as it has been boosted to Rs 50 lakh. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

In his speech, CM Nitish Kumar, he also tried to address the youth of the state after hoisting the National Flag in the Gandhi Maidan. He urged the people of Bihar to take part in the plantation drives to protect the environment. The Bihar government is trying to increase the green cover of the state to 15%, which will be later taken to 17% with similar plantation drives. He also asked people to support the social campaign against child marriage and dowry in the state.

At the end, he talked about prohibition not affecting the society negatively. He said that people who used to spend thousands on liquor now buy clothes and food. The revenue collection of the state got a hit of Rs 1000 crore last year though. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

Gorakhpur Child Death Case: Supreme Court Will Not Intervene

Nirmal Singh 3C Company finds that the Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to get into the matter of Gorakhpur hospital deaths as it is now under the Uttar Pradesh government. Therefore, any proceeding regarding this issue will be presented before the Allahabad High Court. The orders were produced by the court after a lawyer filed the petition before the court.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company mentioned about the bench that included Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justice D Y Chandrachud. It was further probed by the Special Investigation Team.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company also gets the news that the National Human Rights Panel has sent a notice to the state government in order to seek a report in the commencing weeks.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company takes you in the background of the case:

Around 60 children died at Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College last week. Although parents have stated that children have died due to lack of oxygen, hospital refused to accept.

The state government has taken a swift action in this case by removing the doctor in charge of the pediatrics ward and suspending the hospital chief.

The Chief Minister Yogi  Adityanath visited the hospital on Tuesday and said, “an investigation will also be conducted,” promising an exemplary punishment to those who will be found guilty.  Union Minister JP Nadda was also present at the occasion and said that there is no point of the center doing the entire investigation, as the state government had its “full support”.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company estimated that the problem started when the vendor refused to supply the oxygen, as the hospital didn’t clear its previous dues with them. Because of this mismanagement, the hospital was propelled to function without oxygen cylinders for two hours.

In fact, the Chief Minister has called the disruption in the supply of oxygen supply in the hospital as “heinous”. However, the government is raising regular funds for the hospital. The government cleared the payment on August 7 and the hospital released the funds on August 11.

It is in indeed the responsibility of the hospital to make such transactions swift.

Social Media On Rage After The BJP Leaders Comments On The Chandigarh Case

People have shown a lot of anger against the BJP leaders remarks after the Chandigarh case where few guys chased a girl in the middle of the night. The guys having an upper hand connection with the party were not even scared of the police. After the incident came to the light, Haryana BJP leader Ramveer Bhatti said that it is all the girl’s fault and she should have never in the first place get out so late of the house. Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that Varnika Kundu had taken social media to tell everyone how scary the night had been for her, many people came forward for her support but were agitated to hear the response of the BJP leader. In order to protest about the statement that he made, people have started the #AintNoCinderella campaign on the twitter.  The girls are posting the pictures of them walking out in the dark with the placard with #AintNoSurgery on it.

So many similar incidents have been coming to the notice in the past few years, even more after the Nirbhaya case but the blunt remarks on the girls have still not stopped. Nirmal Singh 3C Company that every time the case is highlighted, there are multiple remarks on the character of the girl, about why she walked out of the house so late, or why she was with a guy at that time of the night. NO? That should not be the question. The question should be, why are the guys misbehaving? Why don’t they learn to respect the girls? Why don’t we bring a change? asks Nirmal Singh 3C Company.

The day our society stops blaming the girl for every wrong thing that is happening to them, that is the day our society will change. Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that we need to understand that the society is one and equal for everyone, be it a girl or a boy, and  a girl must not be afraid to do what she wants to or go where she wants just because of the fear that someone might follow her or do something wrong to her. We need to feel secure and if you as a society cannot do that, then at least don’t make us feel like we are guilty of the things that happen to us.