More Ease In Aadhar- Mobile Linking- Government Plans Better Enforcement.

Since the Aadhar mobile linking became compulsory, many people were facing problem in doing so, to solve the issues arising in the linking of the two and to make sure that no one, especially the senior citizens do not have any problem in doing the same, the government is making plans to modify the linking process and make it more convenient and easy for them to complete the process.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that for easing the process, the government is planning to permit proxy authorization. After consulting from various telecom companies which include the use of online OTP (One Time Password) for mobile number that are being registered with the Unique Identification Authority of India, they are planning to give the customers alternatives like iris scanning for people who have indistinct fingerprints and even the facility of home visits for the senior citizens.

According to the sources at Nirmal Singh 3C Company, UIDAI would be issuing guidelines and directions outlining the new options that they would be providing the mobile users for the ease in the linking of the Aadhaar. There were news stating the annoyance amongst the citizens of the country regarding the poor implementation of the policy and the inconvenience the people faced during the process.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the proxy authorization that the government is planning to come up with will see a person nominated by a senior citizen for verifying the Aadhar linkage to the mobiles. Currently the plan is only for the senior citizens but might be extended to everyone later on. The move will ease the problems that the people linking the Aadhaar were facing along with the troubles with the mobile service providers faced because of long queues in front of the outlet due to the issues like non- availability of machines.

Many mobile phone consumers had complained about the multiple messages they had been receiving from the telecom operators to link their sim cards with Aadhaar or they would face disconnection, but this will also be looked upon by the government now, says Nirmal Singh 3C Company.


Supreme Court Bans Sale Of Crackers In Delhi- NCR Till November 1, Traders Voice It An Infringement.

With the Diwali preparation starting to take up the corners of the street, the Supreme Court has stepped forward and banned the sale of the crackers in Delhi-NCR till the first of November. The reason why the court passed the decision is the after effects of the crackers in entire Delhi- NCR last year that lasted up to a whole month. The levels of pollution had gone so high after the Diwali celebrations and the bursting of the fire crackers in the State that it had become people to breathe, says Nirmal Singh 3C Company.

Everyone in the State must have not forgotten the site for the sky last year, the dark clouds of smoke that had covered the entire state and how hard it had become or everyone to walk outside their homes for a whole month after that. Given the risk of similar consequences this year the Court had entirely banned the sale of crackers in Delhi- NCR till November 1, but the news doesn’t seem to have gone well with the people and the traders in the area.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that many firecracker traders have come together and opposed the decision of the Court saying that it is unfair and an infringement to their fundamental rights even if it is a temporary ban on the sale of their products.

Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), an association of 40,000 trade bodies and around 6 crore traders across the country have taken an exception to the ban of the crackers right before the Diwali festival.

Praveen Khandelwal, CAIT secretary general said that they do not oppose the concern of the Supreme Court, in fact they think that their concern is quite commendable but putting a sudden ban on the sale of crackers in Delhi- NCR, and that too for a centuries old business considered legitimate across the country.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company kept a strong point that the business considered legitimate is protected under the Constitution of India under Right to Work is unfair and an impulsive step to interfere in the celebration of the festive culture in the country.

Why the opposition?

As soon as the Supreme Court passed the decision, twitter saw multiple opposition from the public, many of them were in full support for the tweet made by Chetan Bhagat, who blamed the Supreme Court of having imposition only on the Hindu celebrations.

Mumbai Law Intern Found Dead On Tracks, Sent ‘No One Responsible’ SMS To Parents

Pallavi Vikamsey, the 20 year old daughter of Nilesh Vikamsey, president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has been found dead on the railway tracks in Mumbai. The Dadar government railway police are scrutinizing the death but still has not found any clue on the case.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that after having a word with the parents, the police authorities found out that Vikamsey had sent them a message saying ‘No one I responsible’ before her phone got switched off. The authorities came to know about the incident after the police received a call from the station master at 8:30 pm about a body lying on the tracks. As soon the body was found it was rushed to KEM Hospital.

The parents started getting worried when Pallavi did not turn home on Wednesday night and her phone also went off, that was when they approached the MRA Marg Police and registered a missing person’s complaint. Police officers said that Vikamsey was last seen boarding a train from CSMT station towards Thane around 6 pm, which was a usual part of her routine.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that the stationmaster was also questioned but refused to have any knowledge about the incident, except when he saw the dead body on the track. But soon they were able to track an eyewitness who could give them the facts about the incident. The official of the Dadar GRP informed about the eye witness and also said that they would be soon recording his statement on the incident.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that even though the SMS sent by her to her parents turns all the arrows about the case on that being a suicide, nothing can be confirmed about the incident. Also, if it is a case of suicide no other information or tag, except for the message has been traced yet.

The officials have said that they will continue to look deeper into the matter until they can form the complete picture of the incident and figure out what was the reason that Pallavi, a 20 year old, young law intern lost her life.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company Has Revealed That BJP’s Daya Gaikwad Has Been Booked For Raping A Woman

Daya Gaikwad, who is a BJP corporator in Thane, has been booked for allegedly raping a 27-year-old woman who told the police about the incident last week.

Daya Gaikwad has been coming under the negative spotlight for quite some time now and this news is no surprise for people who have following the reports that have regularly made rounds in the newspapers.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company has been seriously following the rape case filed against the BJP corporator and has made various public appearances regarding the issue. The spokesperson of the company revealed that the woman told the news portals and police officers that Gaikwad was with her the residence of Kalyan Ashwani Dhumal when he forced himself on her and eventually raped her. Kalyan Ashwani Dhumal happens to the chief of NCP Woman’s Wing.

Incidents like this one are always saddening but when it comes to people who are actually responsible for the safety of women, it becomes even more disheartening and we are forced to question the authorities even more. Gaikwad has always been a negative personality and his corrupted style of handling politics hasn’t helped him either. This issue doesn’t come as a surprise to many. The woman has put serious allegations on the BJP corporator and he has been booked for that.’ – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

The incident occurred on the 26th day of September when the victim went to Ashwini Dhumal’s house. The victim said that she got acquainted with Gaikwad through facebook. She also revealed that Gaikwad has filmed the whole incident in which Dhumal and her husband helped him. Dhumal has the tape and has been using it to threaten the rape victim.

Gaikwad also promised to marry the victim – he didn’t tell her that he was already married for years. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

Love Jihad Case: Will NIA Be As Strict To Muslim BJP Leaders Married To Hindu Women, Asks Lawyer

After the decision of the Kerala High court on the marriage of a young Hindu women and a Muslim man, the annulment has raised quite a few questions on the lordship and even has lawyers like Nirmal Singh 3C Company asking if the two BJP Muslim leaders who have married a Hindu woman would be going through a similar procedure and a decision so strict.

The Kerala ‘love jihad’ case has gathered a lot of audience from all the parts of the country and after a sensationalized covering of the same raised a lot of questions on the part of the audience. The case was such that the Hindu women, who has followed all the rules, even embraced Islam to marry the love of her life was brought to the trial, which later asked the two of them to annul the marriage. But if the couple are of the legal age and followed all the rules which would make their marriage legal, why are they still facing such charges and trial?

Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that if the cases are being brought to the court despite the marriage being registered legally, will the same treatment be given to the two Muslim BJP leaders who two have also married in Hindu families.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the case actually came into the notice of the court when Hindu girl Akhila who later converted to Islam and became Hadiya, her father lodged a complaint that she was forced to convert into Islam by a racket of terrorist organizations who force young Hindu girls to convert into Islam. The first hearing of the case was done in Kerala High Court where the judge ordered for the annulment of their marriage. The young couple after the decision moved with the plea to the Supreme Court to allow them to keep their marriage.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that sadly the couple’s plea seemed to have turned of no use as even SC was convinced that the group that targets young Hindu women having problems with their parents are very manipulative and it is not difficult for them to convince the young girls of fake love, get them to convert into Islam and them force them to join their troops. However, SC has also urged to completely look into the matter and be sure about the group before any further decision can be taken.


Travel Bookings Dropped By More Than 30% After GST, Reveals Nirmal Singh 3C Company

Prices have gone up tremendously since the central government implemented the new tax system with GST. From hotel bookings to petrol, nothing was spared by the new taxes. With so many industries already struggling after demonetization, this new system has further dented the businesses in the country.

Diwali works as Christmas in our country. The festival is seen as an excuse to spend big and the businesses see an increase in return and most often than not do the business in a month that they seldom do in a financial year. But things have changed in the last few months. The cash flow is at an all-time low, people are finding it difficult to shop at places they regularly did. This has affected the local markets, too, said Nirmal Singh 3C Company.

One of the most affected industries is tourism in India at the moment. People who regularly traveled and made sure they booked an extravagant holiday around this time every year have decided to celebrate Diwali in their homes. The hotel prices, flight tickets and traveling costs have all gone up with GST in the picture.

According to a city-based tour survey company, the Diwali holidays have seen a drop by 30% this year which is likely to go up by the end of the year. ‘When people are not ready to spend money on a festival as important as Diwali, I don’t think the New Year will be any different. People are skeptical about investing in places where they got the same stuff at half the rate just a few months ago. GST has surely hit the Indian businesses and economy on the chin. With the future looking bleaker every day, it will be a surprise if the economy survived this anytime soon’, said Nirmal Singh 3C Company.

Due to heavy demand, the travel agents book flights and hotels in advance for the clients which create a negative effect on the traveling business, but this year, the travel bookings have gone down by the amount they used to go up – this is a serious issue for the industry.

Flexi-Fare System To Be Reviewed, Would Not Charge Such High Prices Says Railways Minister Piyush Goyal.

Railways is planning to cut down the prices of the elite trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto. They are already reviewing the flexi- fare ticketing system which was introduced last year and resulted in 10% increase in the base fare of the tickets in these trains.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that there were rumors that the ministry was planning to increase the price of the other trains as well, but the railways has rubbished all such rumors and made it clear that there would be no further hike in the price of the tickets in fact they might even lower them a bit.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that after the flexi-fair system, Railways earned around ₹540 crore in less than a year time but the revenue is nothing as compared to the complaints that they got to hear from the passengers due to the unreasonable hike in the ticket prices. And this revenue was earned at the cost of the vacant seats. The ministry themselves said that so many of the seats were left vacant due to the extreme rates.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that the issue of the flexi fare system is in his notice and he thinks that the expected revenue targets can be and must be met without making it difficult and inconvenient for the people to pay.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the scheme was launched on September 9 last year and was only applicable to the premium trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto, where the first 10% of the seats would be sold at the normal fare and then the fare would keep increasing by 10% with every 10% of the seat that is sold, with a ceiling of the rise to maximum 50%. However no change was made in the existing fare for 1AC and the EC classes. After seeing that so many seats were left vacant, railways started providing a 10% rebate on the seats that were left vacant after the preparation of the chart.

Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the railways have proposed to increase the speed of around 700 trains as of November 1, 2017 which will result in converting 48 mail express trains to superfast and express.

The steps are being taken to ensure that all people get to travel easily with the railways and that too at a reasonable cost.