After Mayawati’s Resignation, 16 Muslim, Dalit Groups Met For Discussion – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

Mayawati resigned from Rajya Sabha last month when she was not being allowed to speak against the issues and problems the Dalits were facing. She also expelled Siddique from the party this May after he got defeated heavily in the UP elections.

BSP doesn’t have any member in Lok Sabha and holds as low as 19 Members of Legislative Assembly in UP. There wouldn’t be re-elections for Rajya Sabha anytime soon which has made the chances of Mayawati manipulating the national politics bleaker. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

Dalit politics took a hit to the chin when Mayawati resigned, but to make things worse for her and her political career, 16 groups of Dalits, OBCs and Muslims led by the former members and leaders of Bahujan Samaj Party organized a meeting to plan her ouster. –

The main man behind bringing the outfits together at one platform is none other than Mayawati’s former right-hand man, Naseemuddin Siddiqui. He formed the National Bahujan Alliance with BSP MP Pramod Kureel. Pramod Kureel is still a part of BSP but doesn’t want Mayawati as the leader of the party. – Nirmal Singh 3C Company

Siddique was expelled from the party after the UP elections [BSP suffered a heavy defeat in the elections]. There were heavy speculations about the next step of Siddique. It was reported in the news that he was in contact with BJP and the saffron camp wanted him to join the party but he was not ready to make a decision yet. But the venue that was selected for the meeting of the 16 groups and the timing tells a whole different story. The meeting will be conducted on Sunday at Delhi Constitution Club when the Parliament will be in session.

Mayawati has been left alone by big leaders in recent years; there is a reason for it. She cannot fool anyone with her tactics. The main motive behind the meetings that these groups, both political and non-political, are conducting is to bring in all those leaders under one roof and create a new joint front. They will soon contest the election with Mayawati nowhere to be seen. The leaders that left the party and leadership of Mayawati were all working alone and it was time to bring them together. Bahujan Samaj Party will now have a new and improved identity, which is probably best for the Dalit politics in the country.’ – Nirmal Singh 3C Company